War Saw Pak

WarSawPak"the Under Ground Deweller"

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Are you Ready for the WAR then here it is WarSawPak!

It started in the 1992 in a place know as the Flat Tops and the Underground in Amityville, (L.I), New York when the their sounds combined by mistake (almost like your peanut butter is in my chocolate type stuff), The musical mastermind Offbalance and verbal assassins Verbal G. Kent and Sutta M. Kane, got together and formed WarSawPak “the Underground Dwellers! WarSawPak is not like you ordinary hip-hop trio out just to get paid and the to rock the platinum and ice, in fact that is far from their mind what they are about is the love of the music, culture and to send a message to their fans about true Hip-Hop. This group has endured tragedies and trials a tribulation that would broken down the Walls of Jericho but all it did was make them stronger as a family and their music even more deeper and powerful! After spending sometime at work in the lab conceiving their project, it was born! Reality Speaks! volume 1 featuring the Single Dialog with melodical sound and true to life lyrics that just will touch your heart & mind as well as bump in your ride! After coming under the direction of Peace Productions
(independent record label based in Amityville, LI, NY) they started doing shows up and down the east coast, and due their polished stage performances have earned great write ups in the magazine like “The Source" and charting the internet sites like hitquarters.com and garageband.com has made them a local and rising and upcoming national celebrity. WarSawPak is TRULY THE ESSENCE OF HIP-HOP and after listen to their music you would agree!<

EP Reaity Speaks! "the Harvest Final Volume The Plague"

Comming Soon!

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